We provide our clients with the best service under the highest standard of production process and quality control to ensure foods safety. Our machines are from one of the top leaders in Beverage industry in the world with the newest technology called “Cold Aseptic Filling (CAF)”. Aseptic technology keeps food safe, fresh and flavorful without refrigeration or preservatives.

Moreover, our newest technology allows our machine can run up to 5*5*5 mm particle, pulp, fiber, sac, etc.

Aseptic cold filling (ACF) requires separate sterilization of the product, bottles or cartons, and their closures. The sterilized product is then packaged in a sealed-off sterile environment and the container sealed under aseptic conditions.

Through the method processors can achieve a shelf life without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. Aseptic filling can also help to extend the shelf life of existing products, allowing companies to consolidate operations and extend their distribution chain.